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Training FAQs

Learn More About Makino’s Cutting-edge Training Programs  

Makino training prepares you for the future with cutting-edge training programs in a range of topics. Discover the latest on CNC programming, machine maintenance, and manufacturing operations. 

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How many class credits will I receive with each machine I purchase?

This depends on the machine model and the sales agreement, but you typically receive two training credits for each new machine. Each credit is worth one class of your choice for one employee. Check with your sales representative or Makino’s training department for more information.

What classes are available?

Makino offers classes covering maintenance, operations and several levels of programming and options. All are offered as both classroom instruction, hosted at a Makino facility, and onsite classes held at your facility and using your machines. Please see the training schedule for a list of classes, course descriptions and schedules.

Who should be trained?

We recommend all team members who will operate the machinery should be trained. We have classes that focus on all phases of production, including maintenance, operations and programming for a wide variety of machines.

When should I receive the training?

For best results, we recommend training your team shortly before the machine arrives in your facility. Applying lessons to practical applications right away helps your team start strong with the new machine. Many customers also find it useful to stage discipline-specific classes.

Which class type is best for our facility?

While the situation is different for every business, we recommend your initial classes be held at a Makino training center. This reduces interruptions and allows students to focus on the lessons and subject matter—without disrupting your operation. Makino facilities include full-size machines and test stands with all the major components they need.
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